2002 marked the last year for production of the F-Body and the end of production at St. Terese Canada.

  • To celebrate the end of production the 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Camaro was created.
  • The Limited Edition was prominently displayed in the 2002 lineup.
  • The originally planned numbers of Limited Edition models were 3,000 cars for the US and 152 for Canada. These numbers were modified slightly by the end of production due to the demand for cars in Canada.
  • The Standard LS1 horsepower without SLP * modifications was 325 bhp. In most cases these numbers were less than what was actually produced. Most dynoed stock cars showed this number at the rear wheels!
  • Below is a copy of the specs that accompanied the Portfolio.
  • Much More!


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*SLP is a registered trademark of SLP Engineering, Inc and SLP Performance Parts